I am a PhD Candidate at Northwestern University. I am trained as an urban sociologist with additional training and interest in African American Studies, Settler Colonial Studies, and Museum Studies. My research agenda is centered around understanding the relationship between settler colonialism and urban development in the United States. My dissertation research is focused on looking at the settler colonial underpinnings of rhetoric used by actors to make claims to urban spaces, both public and residential. I use the examples of museums, gentrification, and public monuments to study this relationship.

As a freelance research I also provide services to organizations interested in background research, evaluation research, and other kinds of qualitative study. I am also available to provide research method training to employees to help develop the internal research capacities of organizations. I can also provide substantive education and training for organizations aiming to understand better the dynamics of urban poverty, inequality, and racism.

In addition to my PhD work and freelance research services, I also write science fiction and fantasy that’s heavily inspired by my academic research. My main project is the Black Shell Series which follows a trio of young Black people in the 2030’s who start a rebellion against a technomagic enhanced fascist state. I also write other short fiction and reflections on race, colonialism, and science fiction/fantasy on my Patreon.